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Financial Review

Meet with one of our expert Financial Consultants who will advise you on your sick pay, superannuation and tax entitlements. We can also help you with your retirement plans and check if you could save money on your insurance policies without compromising on cover.

Are you due a Tax Refund?

The average Tax Refund for our Public Sector members was €1,090 last year! Many were surprised with the results of their Tax Return as they thought their circumstances were straightforward’. But Public Sector workers are making tax over-payments without even realising it!

Will Service

7 out of 10 people fail to make a Will. If you don’t have a Will in place when you die, your estate is termed ‘intestate’. To ensure you are financially prepared in all aspects, Midas provide this invaluable service. We also provide members with tax-efficient advice on estate and inheritance planning.